SaC à DoS

« SaC à DoS est un voyage plein de surprises et de contrastes où les jeux de lumière, de couleur et les sons participent à la poésie. »

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Prochaines représentations :
Le 08/09/18 au Cerle Cité, Luxembourg
Le 16/09/18 au Letzebuerg City Museum, Luxembourg

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Prochaine représentation :
25/10/18 au Miersch Kulturhaus, Luxembourg

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With 20 years of artistic complicity, Jennifer Gohier et Grégory Beaumont founded the Corps In Situ Company, with the aim to develop their own choreography projects as a complement to their performing arts career. A few years later, the duo created ARTEZIA a.s.b.l. in Luxembourg to continue to develop their artistic activities in the Grand Duchy.

” What could define our work would probably be the relation we try to establish with the audience for each piece. As choreographers, we believe in the movement and in its relation with the subject that we expose to the public. Dance is a way of communicating and has to be understandable, accessible and approachable by everyone, no matter their artistic or cultural education.”

– Jennifer Gohier & Grégory Beaumont –